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When you have the right information, there is really nothing you cannot do. 5O Tips and Tricks for Growing Natural Hair Faster Naturally is great for those who want easy to digest information that can be applied immediately to their regimen to see results.

The Natural Hair Growth Journal is here to help keep you accountable on your natural hair journey. Providing you with more natural hair routines to choose from and a good selection of natural hair brands.

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Customer Testimonials

Golibe Igbocurls


I had my first appointment in November 2019. I gave Chinwe my "routine" and products and the order I use it in. For context, I'm what people call a lazy natural so I just want the easy way out of everything and I was expecting magic to happen without having to do anything so my routine was not really a routine. Thankfully, Chinwe literally took me back to the basics. She revamped my wash day routine and it made "hair day" so much easier for me. I went from hating and detesting hair day to actually looking forward to it because she explained what EVERY. SINGLE. step did and what I had been doing wrong. Something I struggled really badly with was scalp care. I always have my hair in protective styles so I completely neglect my scalp and my excuse was "I don't have time". With what Chinwe has taught me, it literally takes 5 minutes or less to care for my scalp in protective styles and I can 1000000% see an improvement because my scalp is not as dry as before. I have 2 sessions left and I'm super excited to see the finished result.

Mma Igbocurls


Chinwe literally saved my hair. I was reluctant to go natural at first but watching her YouTube videos and reading her blog (, gave me the nudge I needed. I started thinking to myself, if she can grow healthy natural hair then I can too! My hair was very damaged by chemical relaxers in the beginning but I clutched to my lifeless strands because I didn't want to cut it. Chinwe was the one who educated me that I did not have to cut off all my hair to begin my natural hair journey. I've been natural for 5years now and my hair is healthy, thick and flourishing. She is literally the natural hair expert you have been searching for your whole life. I'm glad I chose to learn from her and I recommend her with my whole heart.


I had started using Juliet’s products towards the end of 2019. Before this, my hair has been growing, but not as much as I’d have wanted it to. I found her through Instagram and decided to give it a try. So far, it’s been an amazing journey, I have seen my hair improve and even the shrinkage is not as bad as it used to be. My hair has grown way longer! It’s amazing! Also, I just wanna say, she’s been awesome as well, very patient and always ready to answer all my questions. I’m so glad I took that leap of faith that day. I’m really excited to see how much more my hair will improve, it’s been one of the best experiences ever!


Watch My Hair Story